I'm Bangster. Welcome to my mental wasteland.


A poem for Chris.

We traded smiles for smiles; time for time; love for love. We shared thoughts, fears, dreams and tears building up. Through time with trust and dedication we built a firm foundation. Now I know why I have an overflowing cup. He is the light from the sun; the great depth of the sea; the scent of a flower blooming gracefully. I am the glow of the moon; the conch of King Triton; the hues of gardens that in spring will brighten. As seasons change our bodies remain and our souls dance between stars. This love that we have is purposeful and I call it all ours.


Classic and Reverse harpies, mermaids, centaurs, and nagas

as a species we have this habit of tacking human faces onto animals and when you think about it, it looks kind of stupid, but it looks even stupider backwards