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Illustrations by  Mattahan (Paul Davey) from Manchaster, Jamaica. The name Mattahan is from the patois pronunciation of Matterhorn, a popular cigarette brand in Jamaica. Mattahan is a painter who uses digital tools to create these surreal depictions of people who inspire him. The paintings are inspired by moments in his own life.


one of my favourite artist on the web. tumblr http://mattahan.tumblr.com/

A poem for Chris.

We traded smiles for smiles; time for time; love for love. We shared thoughts, fears, dreams and tears building up. Through time with trust and dedication we built a firm foundation. Now I know why I have an overflowing cup. He is the light from the sun; the great depth of the sea; the scent of a flower blooming gracefully. I am the glow of the moon; the conch of King Triton; the hues of gardens that in spring will brighten. As seasons change our bodies remain and our souls dance between stars. This love that we have is purposeful and I call it all ours.